Dear learners,

You are to select any online course and answer the questions in the form of a text.

The total amount of words is expected to be more than 2000 words. Use standard font Times New Roman, size 14, 1.5 spaced.

Structure the text according to the following plan below. Based on the course analysis decide what you would improve in the course if you were its designer. Give your ideas in Conclusion.

The method of science:
the course is designed on the grounds of the latest pedagogical research findings

age and language level relevance

all activities are given in the sequence of increasing complexity

the course provides aids for material perception, including visual and sound illustrations, kinesthetic and speech samples, etc

The principle of the conscious and active participation of students in the education process

Structuring and cohesion of the material
Communicative character of teaching

the course is designed considering psychological features of learners

Personalized education:
the course offers individual trajectories for an individual learner

the course presumes detailed and illustrative feedback

Meeting the institutional needs

Relevance of materials (course objectives, content, form of the course, etc)

Relevance of assessment

Information support (links to Internet resources, glossaries, etc)

The relevance of visual support

The relevance of teaching techniques

Availability of syllabus to students

Relevance of syllabus to learning objectives

Course orientation: learners are aware of the content, the criteria of assessment, etc.

Personalized learning

Differentiated teaching

Error awareness

Visual design

Meeting learner needs

Building learner motivation

Friendly interface

Digital/technological evaluation

Cross-platform support

Availability of basic setup options

Interface and user settings customization

Effective use of platform

Consistency of elements and their functions

Availability of tutorials on course completion and assessment (assignments, tasks)

Diversity of test question types in the test database

Rapid feedback (messages, chat, email)

Security system and role assignment system (to prevent users from using administrative tools)