Уж сколько их упало в эту бездну,

Разверстую вдали!

Настанет день, когда и я исчезну

С поверхности земли.


Застынет всё, что пело и боролось,

Сияло и рвалось.

И зелень глаз моих, и нежный голос,

И золото волос.


И будет жизнь с её насущным хлебом,

С забывчивостью дня.

И будет всё — как будто бы под небом

И не было меня! 

Марина Цветаева

How many has this chasm already swallowed

Both young and old

The day will come when I will have to follow!

All those who left this world.


And all in me that struggled. sang and dared.

My voice that laughed and cried

Will disappear. like my golden hair

And hazel eyes.


Yet life will run the same. the days consisting

Of usual daily chores:

As if I never on this Earth existed.

As if I never was!


Translated by Olga Dumer

So many have been swallowed up and perished,

Dissolving in that distant gaping chasm.

My time as well, this life that I have cherished

Will soon recede in one last gasping spasm.


Coagulate will all, will into stillness freeze,

Everything that sang and struggled, shone:

The green of my eyes, the voice with its muted unease,

And the hair streaming gold in the breeze as it’s blown.


And life will go on, all that give-us-our-daily-bread,

With the wallow of diurnal in oblivion/forget,

And all will be the same, all pages still misread,

As if I’d never whirled my way through being’s grim roulette.


Translated by U. R. Bowie

Oh, how many of them fell into this abyss,

Openess far in the distance!

The day will come when I am gone

From the surface of the earth.


Stiffen all that singing and struggle,

Shine and burst.

And the green of my eyes, and gentle voice,

And the gold hair.


And there is life with its daily bread,

With forgetfulness of the day.

And it was all — as would be under heaven

And there was no me!


Translated by Rolf W. F. Gross

Into this chasm, many fell,

It’s gaping wide!

My time will come and I, as well,

Will go one night.


And all that struggled, shone, rejoiced

Will be ensnared —

My emerald eyes, my gentle voice,

My golden hair.


Your daily bread will come. You’ll live

Without a pause.

And everything will be — as if

I never was!


Translated by Andrey Kneller

How many people fell in this abyss,

I fathom from afar!

There will be time, and I will vanish too

From earth’s exterior.


All will be still, that sang and that did struggle,

That glistened and rejoiced:

The greenness of my eyes, the gold of my hair,

And this my tender voice.


Life will continue with its soft hot bread,

With day’s oblivion.

All will continue — under outstretched heavens

As if I’d never been!


Translated by Ilya Shambat