When designing a course it’s vital to think about the assessment plan which includes:
– identifying the grading system (decide on the weight of specific assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc)
– identifying what assignments should be compulsory/ optional
– what percentage should be minimal to get a pass (if not regulated by the educational institution)
– detailed rubrics for assessment of specific assignments
– which assignments need additional feedback
– what feedback would be included in the course

Go through a course and get overall impression

colour scheme: is it pleasant to the eye of your learners

- whether all information you would like to translate to your learners is included

- page design (what information is highlighted and the ways it is done)

- all assignments have the same design (e.g. all tests are named Test: ...)

- the way the authors address their learners the same (learners, students, colleagues, etc) depending on the target audience

Go through a course and check whether

- all  planned learning objectives have the assignments

- all assignments have rubrics

- tests are graded (or not)

- the modules are sequenced

- the information in the modules is sequenced and coherent

- learners have access to the information and assignments

- all references are given

Go into each page, assignment, rubrics and check

- wording

- spelling mistakes

- punctuation (capitalised letters, commas, etc)