A learner can be viewed as a person from a variety of angles: why and how he/she studies. 

Throughout the history of education scholars tend to classify leaners and describe them. Knowing the set of these features help teachers to manage both teaching process and addressing individuals.

Watch the videos and note why the knowledge of this information will help you in designing a course.

The incentives or rewards behind why a person is compelled to behave or carry out a particular action are motivations, and they can be increased or decreased through strategies that are either physical or mental. And this motivation is of different types, and if well-understood, can be used effectively to achieve great results.

Watch this video to get the information about various learning styles.


Learn in detail about the 14 different categories and classification of special education students.  The characteristics of students that have the following classifications are detailed for classroom teachers, parents of special education students, case managers, principals, advocates, general education teachers and more. The video also offers specific teaching strategies for each special education category.

Watch the video to identify the categories of special educational needs.