Teaching GraMMAR


Practice = Guided Practice is also staged:

Stage 1. Understanding and Comprehension

Stage 2. Provide Support

– substitution exercises, e.g. I’ve got a cat, I’ve got  a dog, I’ve got a hamster … (the structure is the same, the lexis is substituted)

– transformation, e.g.  Fill in the sentences with have or has (using the structure in appropriate form)
– comparison, e.g. Open the brackets putting the verb in either Present Perfect or Past Simple (new grammatical unit is compared with previously known structure) 

NOTE! The more exercises on this stage given, the better it it for later practice. 

Stage 3. Freer practice

– ask your learners to use grammatical unit independently on a sentence level

Production = Freer Practice

– provide your learners with activities so that  they could use new grammatical unit in the context freely (without prompts)