The teaching process has three stages:


Providing preparatory exercises aimed at helping learners to create a text on their own (e.g. Put the parts of the text in the logical order // Identify thesis statement).

This is the longest and most important stage here: the more exercises that are given the better for learners.

 Exercises at pre-writing stage should include:
– check whether learner understand when this/that text is written
– check whether learners understand the structure
– check whether learners understand how they can vary the language 


– producing a text

A text does not always mean long genres, they could present invitations, blogs, postcards, etc or even compound sentences at lower levels


– peer reviews// self-reflection

Writing can also be guided and unguided depending on the teacher’s participation.

Learners should go through the following steps of writing a text:

Those steps should be taught and thus might be the object of preparatory exercises.