International Francophone Day

International Francophone Day

An event dedicated to International Francophone Day was held in our university on the 20th of March. The freshmen and sophomores of Linguistics department demonstrated marvellous presentations about the francophone countries, traditions and particular qualities of these countries’ culture.  Customs Attache of the Embassy of France, Mr. Martin Fleury, and an employee of the Embassy, Ms. Anabel Arsico, were our guests.

In our small classroom a significant event took place. After demonstrating the presentations, students had an opportunity to hear some comments addressed to their works and listen to the French speaking guests. Listeners couldn’t help asking guests their questions. The culmination of this event and the pleasant bonus was a small presentation of our guests, who held a speech of the little-known facts of interest for us linguists.

As the event was full of interesting facts, we came to learn much more about plenty of Francophone countries, the purpose of the language as a means of communication. It also allowed us to look at the French culture from within  owing to our guests and the event in general.

As the participant, I want to express gratitude to the organiser – Sosunova Galina Alexandrovna, Associate Professor of Philology.


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