Dear learners,

My name is Ekaterina Shchaveleva and I am an Academic Coordinator of the Master’s Program Second Language Teaching and Pedagogical Design in Digital Environments.

The main objective of the current course is to familiarise you with main conceptions the whole Programme transmits and rests on. It gives basic knowledge of Methods of Teaching of Foreign Languages, i.e. teaching language and language skills.

During the studies we will rely mainly on the communicative approach which rules out the use of the native language. Its principle is language acquisition through communication. Communication should be natural and create a positive attitude towards learning. Drilling also occurs here as it is a ground for free practice. However, all exercises should be closer to reality so that learners will know that they will face it in real life. Thus, it will keep them motivated.

This course is not aimed at shaping some skills as it needs more practice, but it is designed so that all learners will be in line with each other. Surely we will discuss all the questions that will arise during the course and later we will implement the knowledge you have gained into the practice.

I wish you good luck.