21.06.2018 ANIMALS

While watching the video on biomimicry, fill in the gaps. The task should be done with the subtitles off. Having done the exercise, you can check the next check to read the whole script and check yourself or use the subtitles instead.

26.05.2018 CULTURE

Use the tabs below to read the fascinating article about tea and fill in the gaps. To facilitate the process, we’ve prepared the list of words and their definitions. 

Check it out!

  • dowry
  • direct trade line
  • tea obsession
  • invigorating
  • social beverage
  • ingrained part of the culture
  • sipping
  • stiff upper lip____________________
    Stuck with the meaning? Find the definitions you need here!


Fill in the gaps with the words from Vocabulary acquisition section above.

26.05.2018 TRAVELLING

Now let us see how well you know countries and cultures!

1. Which country is famous for its windmills?


2. In what country might you find the Loch Ness monster?


3. What country does not use the dollar?


4. What type of hour-clock is commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries?


5. In many Asian countries, it is _________ to visit your friends at home without invitation or prior appointment.


18.05.2018 INNOVATION


Do you know what a Smart City is?

Initially, this project was promising and ambitious, but later it became an option for the super-wealthy. A new project in Toronto, called Quayside, is hoping to change that pattern of failures by rethinking an urban neighbourhood from the ground up and rebuilding it around the latest digital technologies.


A Toronto neighbourhood aims to be the first place to successfully integrate cutting-edge urban design with state-of-the-art digital technology.

Why It Matters
Smart cities could make urban areas more affordable, livable, and environmentally friendly.


Artificial intelligence has so far been mainly the plaything of big tech companies like Amazon, Baidu, Google, and Microsoft, as well as some startups.


Cloud-based AI is making the technology cheaper and easier to use.


Why It Matters
Currently AI is used mostly in the tech industry, where it has created efficiencies and produced new products and services. But many other businesses and industries have struggled to take advantage of the advances in artificial intelligence. Sectors such as medicine, manufacturing, and energy could also be transformed if they were able to implement the technology more fully, with a huge boost to economic productivity.


True internet privacy could finally become possible thanks to a new tool that can – for instance -let you prove you’re over 18 without revealing your date of birth, or prove you have enough money in the bank for a financial transaction without revealing your balance or other details. That limits the risk of a privacy breach or identity theft.

Computer scientists are perfecting a cryptographic tool for proving something without revealing the information underlying the proof.

Why It Matters
If you need to disclose personal information  to get something done online, it will be easier to do without risking your privacy or exposing yourself to identity theft.

The tool is an emerging cryptographic protocol called a zero-knowledge proof. Though researchers have worked on it for decades, interest has exploded in the past year, thanks in part to the growing obsession with cryptocurrencies, most of which aren’t private.