Annual MISIS Teacher Development Academy


    • 2 дня интенсивного практического тренинга
    • 15, 22, 29 марта и 5 апреля12.00-15.00 (мск)
    • Онлайн
    • 36 часов (удостоверение о повышении квалификации государственного образца)
    • Рабочий язык русский/английский
    • Стоимость: 9700 рублей

Курс проводят

Аида Сергеевна Родоманченко, к.п.н., доцент Университета МИСИС,
Елена Викторовна Ковалева, ст.преподаватель Университета МИСИС.


— 3 days of practical sessions
— June 1-3 (after the main conference program)
— 36 hours (with the issuance of a certificate of the established form)
— 6 months access to course materials on the LMS platform
— 13500 rubles (participation in the conference is included in the price)

Hosted by the faculty of the Department of Modern Languages
and Communicationat NUST MISIS

Topics of practical sessions (working language — English):

— New Language Trends: Chat GPT as a Teacher’s Best Friend
— Lexical Approach Principles for Teaching Professional Language: Chunks, Noticing, Elicitation, and Contextual Language Perspectives (B1)
— Students’ Feedback: Putting it into Everyday Practice
— Effective Mixed-level Strategies on How to Work with Research Articles (A2-C1)
— Debates as a Working Tool for ESP Classes
— Teacher’s Growth Path: from School-based Development to Independent Self-branding