Department of Modern Languages and Communication invites NUST MISIS master students to join the open course in Complexity and Innovation. 

Are you feeling stressed because the world seems like a more uncertain place?  You’re not alone.  But what can you do about it?  That’s what this specially-designed elective course will try to inspire you to answer.  

The course is run by Marcus Guest (UK) a business owner and lecturer on the MISiS Communication and International PR masters program.  Any masters student at MISiS can register (as can 4th year bachelors students of the linguistics programs).

The course is taught entirely in English (with no exam!) and materials are delivered in video format (for watching in your own time) and in face to face lectures.

To register for this course simply click the link in the course details below, download the free Slack app and watch the first video there.  Then attend the first lecture on Wednesday April 6 @18:00.

The 100+ students who’ve taken this course previously have described it as “very different”, “insightful” and “inspiring”.  Maybe it will be the same for you?  Check out the trailer below for a short introduction:


COURSE SCHEDULE: Wednesdays, 18:00 — 19:30

DURATION: April 6 — May 25


LOCATION: Room K-313 

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